About Us

About Royal Woodworks, LLC

Royal Woodworks was established humbly in 2005 in the state of Florida. Medo had a vision early on to established a small business to cater to a general audience looking for great service, quality and dependability in home repair and custom woodworking services.

After acquiring Associate and Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Drafting, Design and Project Management, Medo set out to acquire additional experience by specializing work in the woodworking and contracting industries. As a finish carpentry, lead designer, remodeling, and custom woodworking specialist, Medo has dedicated over 13+ years of education, experience and the acquirement of knowledge that drives his vision for quality and perfection; with a grounded understanding of customer needs. This makes Royal Woodworks one of the best small businesses around.

Here is what to expect of Royal Woodworks:

  • Highly professional staff with many years experience.
  • Highly educated staff with continuous education to changing industry.
  • We hold an active vision to be the best and provide the best.
  • Service and support even after work is completed.
  • Unmatched pricing and reasonable time expectations established.


Muhamed Khafagy

Project Lead

Medo holds Associate and Bachelors degrees in Project Management, Computer Drafting and Design and is the owner and CEO of Royal Woodworks, LLC.