Custom Pillars


  • Client: Recent customer
  • Location:  Fayetteville, Georgia
  • Project End:
  • Total Work Hours:
  • Materials:  Solid construction wood



This project consisted of fabricating unique pillars/columns to welcome and divide the room.  Great emphasis was made for a modern look and feel and designed to customer requirements and needs.  This set of pillars completely accents the space, its rich white color completely uplifts the space and complements the dark wood floor finish. This is a highly recommended modification/remodel to any home.


We met with the client to understand their needs.  We understood well what needed to be accomplished and we definitely took great interest, not only on the work involved, but also on the look, the feel, and the design of the furniture. For those looking for a similar project, keep in mind the height of your ceilings and position of each pillar. Taking a picture of the space and drawing on top of it with mock-up pillars will help you get a feel for the space after the work is completed.


Once we understood the project, the next step was to get a good idea of the materials necessary, time requirements, and any potential problems.  Out of this process we were able to provide our client with a feasible project estimate and timeline.


After our customer accepted our proposal we setup a timeline and a start date for the project.  We begin by ordering any materials which may have long lead times.  We take pride in being able to serve a customer and help them with their needs.


Once we complete the work we review it with our customer for any concerns or changes.  We are not perfect but strive to ensure our work is the best possible;   adhering to both our customer’s requirements and needs.  Our customer was very pleased.


Medo Khafagy

Founder, CEO of Royal Woodworks, LLC

Medo is the lead on all projects at Royal Woodworks, and sees all projects from inception to completion.