Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Work


Client: Recent customer
Location:  Fayetteville, Georgia
Project End: …
Total Work Hours: …
Materials:  Solid construction wood



HABITAT FOR HUMANITY VOLUNTEER WORK – What a great weekend! I had the honor of volunteering on Saturday withSouthern Crescent Habitat for Humanity, for a truly great women in our community, Mrs Moret! They had a #womanbuild, and the ladies did an amazing job! I got to help out a little because of my relationship with Mrs. Moret and her family. Thank you #HabitatForHumanity #BuildwithSCHabitat, for everything you have done and will be doing for our community and for Mrs. Moret!
They will also be doing some roof and ceiling work in the living room and my crew will be volunteering with me to help with the demo on that as well. Thanks guys!


Medo Khafagy

Founder, CEO of Royal Woodworks, LLC

Medo is the lead on all projects at Royal Woodworks, and sees all projects from inception to completion.