We couldn’t be happier. The solutions were not “easy”. We had to move railing and adjust stacked stone to accommodate the screened porch railing. They (Ricardo and Angel) recommended a quite creative solution – to move the railing, creating vertical channels in the stacked stone to accommodate. We weren’t sure at first, but we’re believers now! It was perfect. We love it! How it went …. we were pleasantly surprised, especially by Matt, the painter. He was on-time, or early every day. He was patient as we went back and forth on color options and then was meticulous in the work he did. He stained the deck and was actually on his hands and knees with a towel making sure the stain made it into the cracks and crevices. He also filled nicks and nail holes left by the original builder…. wow! Also during the process, we asked Medo (principal) to help us install TV’s, put up shelves, take down shelves, etc. All of this was easy – “no problem”. I guess I’ve become jaded and don’t expect effort like that anymore! These guys care. They’re not just handy-men, though they don’t advertise it, they really helped us with design. Makes all the difference! I’ll continue to recommend them.